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Preferences lost

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Preferences lost

My preferences are all gone... shortcuts and everything. I signed on with a different computer and now my main computer has lost everything. I've had them set up for years... Can anyone help, please.

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in reply to: SimonSSD

@SimonSSD - Can you tell us any more about this? Specifically, I am wondering the following.
1. When you signed on to the different computer, was it Mac or Windows?
2. Is that the same OS as your main computer? 
3. Did the different computer need to consume the latest update or was it already updated? 

4. Was the different computer up to date prior to this previous update or was it potentially multiple versions behind?
5. When you logged into the primary computer, did it have to consume the latest update or had you already updated it? 

I am trying to understand if this is related to the update in any way, or purely working across two different machines. I look forward to your feedback.

Mike Smell

Sr. Product Manager, Fusion 360

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in reply to: MikeSmell_ADSK

Hi Mike,


It wasn't the update. This was a few days ago. Both computers are Windows. I think the other machine was a couple of updates behind. The internet connection wasn't stable, I seem to remember.

I've gone through all the preferences and reset everything. Probably good to revisit them and improve my workflow. I haven't lost my machine settings or tool library, which is the most important.

How do I backup my preferences now? I have two alphanumeric names in %appdata%\Roaming\Autodesk\Neutron Platform\Options{alphanumeric folder name}. Do I copy NGlobalOptions.xml from the latest one?




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