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Posted File Size Too Big?

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Posted File Size Too Big?

I'm a new Fusion user, Ive designed a part that has a few pockets using adaptive clearing that are .1in deep. It should take 12 mins to cycle. The issue I'm having is that this when posted this program is like 600k bytes according to my machine. There are programs in the machine already that are significantly longer cycles but like 1/3 the size. Am i missing something in the post processor that's making it larger than it should be? Im using a 3/16 flat endmill cutting aluminum and selected the roughing aluminum preset.

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Have you got Smoothing enabled? Usually best to make the smoothing tolerance 2 to 5 times the tolerance to reduce file size, note the tolerance and smoothing tolerance will add up to the total tolerance.



This might help reduce file size but an adaptive toolpath will generally give a bigger code size compared to an ordinary pocketing toolpath.


Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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