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Poor Upload/Linked Performance since the Configurations update

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Poor Upload/Linked Performance since the Configurations update

Hi, I've posted about this before, when I thought that the issue was just regarding configured designs, but the performance with linking designs. IDK if I have the correct terminology for that... when you insert a model into another model. 


I have a model that relies on various other models inserted into it, a cabinet assembly, and when making even a small change to 1 of the cabinets, it's been taking upwards of 10 minutes after I click the update components button for changes to occur, if any. and with that, there is frequently timeout errors and 'blank is temporarily unavailable'  this has only started after the configuration update. This same behavior applies to drawings as well, it seems like the upload speed has been cut by 9000%


I was able to roll with this for a while, but its been over 2 weeks now of snail-slow performance.


Anyone experiencing the same behavior?





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in reply to: jacob.michaels

Hi Jacob, the inserted component you updated is a standard design or a configuration from a configured design? If you delete all the other inserted models, and edit 1 cabinet, can the assembly update be quicker?

Evan Gu
Inventor/Fusion QA Engineer
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in reply to: jacob.michaels

Likewise, linked file performance has taken a very bad nosedive.. It can take several seconds for a context menu to appear on a linked part, even moving the mouse over the name of one in the browser causes a major lag effect with UI response tanking. This is on a model containing several hundred components and no configurations used or defined.

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I'm also getting incredibly slow uploads on configured parts. I've never had to wait before hitting "update to latest" before, but now any configured component, even simple ones, take so long to upload that I have to wait to press that button or I'll get an error.


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in reply to: EvanGu

The inserted models are configured designs. The more I'm working with it, I'm thinking that this is an issue with configured designs in general. Configurations seem to be optimized for small objects with limited components. I'm working on another model with ~400 components, and when I converted it to a configured design, performance decreased drastically, its taking seconds to register panning and orbiting around the model. I've attached a video, the first thing I do is try to orbit the model, then scroll through the timeline, and then open the quick access menu and attempt to type 'midplane' The model is practically bricked. 


I really want to add this feature to my workflow, but with current performance, Its not viable. Non-configured models that I have with far more components perform just fine....




I have a decently beefy computer too- 

Ryzen 3800x

16gb ram

rtx 2070 super

my memory usage normally sits around 65% when these issues occur. 




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Hi Jacob, Ron, Jordan

Can you all clear your cache and let know if it helps:



Pierre-Yves Monarque
Autodesk Fusion 360 Team
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That didn't help. 



I just found a workaround though..... adding the design to the offline cache seems to resolve the performance issues.

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