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Point Tool Real Time Ruler (Feature Request)

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Point Tool Real Time Ruler (Feature Request)

The Point tool is a valuable tool for modeling new ideas, but it lacks a crucial feature: the ability to display the distance between points in real time.

Currently, users must manually measure distances using workarounds, which can be time-consuming and imprecise. A built-in ruler functionality would streamline this process and enhance the tool's usability.

Proposed feature:

  • Implement a ruler feature that activates when using the Point tool.

  • Display the real-time distance between the current point and the previous point.

  • Provide a quick toggle option (e.g., CTRL key) to enable or disable the ruler.


  • Streamlines distance measurement, improving efficiency and accuracy.

  • Enhances the Point tool's capabilities for precise design work.

  • Simplifies distance measurement for specific requirements, such as evenly spaced points.


A user wants to create three points with a spacing of 4.5mm. Instead of using manual workarounds, the ruler feature would allow them to:

  1. Place the first point.

  2. Activate the ruler feature.

  3. Place the second point while observing the real-time distance displayed by the ruler.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the third point, ensuring all points are spaced accurately at 4.5mm.

By incorporating a ruler feature, the Point tool would become an even more versatile and efficient tool for designers and modelers.

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