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Please maintain state for the parameters window.

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Please maintain state for the parameters window.

This has been posted before in various forms, such as requests to maintain sorting order of the parameters.

It would be much less important if the parameters window was non-modal and I could just leave it open all the time.


What I am asking for is not just the sort order, but also the filter state, the expansion state of modules under the model parameters, the scroll position, and any other state that I am forgetting about.


Because the parameters window must be closed before proceeding with another operation, I am frequently in a cycle of open parameters, look at something, close parameters, change something, open parameters, scroll to my previous position, re-expand a given module, etc. This is just a huge time waster. It is also very easy to fix. I have previously posted in great detail about improvement to parameters. This however, would go a long way to improving the user experience with very little developer effort.

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I would like the parameters window to be NON-MODAL as well. Maintaining the sort order would be a close second. 

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