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Plane along the path rotation issue

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Plane along the path rotation issue

When I create a plane along a path it previews in the right orientation (i.e. perpendicular to current cplane) but when I click OK the new c-plane rotates causing me to use annoying hacks to workaround this.


Please see attached screencast ( and gif.


It fails on trivial examples so is this a bug or am I missing something?Plane along path rotation issuePlane along path rotation issue 

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in reply to: numan85


plane on path is perpendicular to your path (Spline) and can be  positioned at any point 



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in reply to: g-andresen

Right but for a planar curve that should be the same (i.e. normal at the point on the curve = normal to c-plane for a planar curve).


You can see the preview is correct but when you click OK it rotates. 


Apparently someone from 2015 raised this issue which was acknowledged as a bug:


 @AnandSomani  any update on this?



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in reply to: numan85

So you have a graphics anomaly, how does that effect your “use” of this plane?



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in reply to: davebYYPCU

Because it is cumbersome to draw profiles when your c-plane is skewed (i.e. not in right orientation). 


In this case, to be precise a perpendicular frame would be calculated based on normal and tangent vectors of the point on the spline (whether it is flat or projected to a surface). I have a cumbersome workaround currently to acheive that.


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in reply to: numan85

Sorry to hear that, 

my construction planes are consumed, at the time selected for sketching, and I don’t need to refer to it any further.

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in reply to: numan85

I can't reproduce your problem. Can you attach an f3d file that shows the problem. 

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in reply to: wmhazzard

@numan85 created his example control point spline on a plane at an angle to the origin planes.  When you create a Plane along a Path on this spline, the plane will rotate until is is aligned with the origin axis.  This is what he is seeing.  I attached a sample file, edit the only Plane along a Path (last feature in timeline) and you will see it after editing its location.

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John Hackney

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in reply to: jhackney1972

I guess I should have looked at the bottom of the screen in the screencast. The plane is rotating into the proper orientation. There is no problem. 

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in reply to: numan85

Thanks @numan85  for reporting this and finding the related old post. This preview /OK difference still exists and is a bug. FUS-16658 is the internal ticket  to track this issue. 

NOTE: This issues is not there in Direct Modeling (do not capture design history) environment. 



Fusion development team

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in reply to: sunil.v.b

Seems like a pretty serious bug to me but not to fusion team given how it has been on backburner since 2015 which is puzzling to me because how is one supposed to create profiles on splines (on cplanes that are off angle from origin planes or projected to surfaces)?


My current work around is a cumbersome hack:

  1. Create a point on a spline (Construct --> Point along a spline)
  2. Construct on cplane at this point position (orients incorrectly)
  3. Create an axis perpendicular to this point on a face (Construct --> Axis perpendicular to Face at point)
  4. In the wrongly oriented c-plane draw a line perpendicular to the previously created axis
  5. Then use these two lines as my real x, y axis and draw profiles accordingly.

Five steps for what should be 1 step. I recently had to create a surface from lofting a bunch of profiles on a spline and it just made a mess of my timeline.


So can someone from fusion dev team chime in here?

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in reply to: numan85

I am not understanding the problem yet, good chance DT won’t either.

So if the plane did arrive as previewed, how does that help?

If they fix the graphics anomaly how does that equate to sketch articles?

Planes do not contain any geometry - sketches do.

Hide the plane - An empty sketch is only empty until you create something.




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in reply to: numan85

@numan85 This is a bug and can't promise when we will be able to get to this. Will this workaround (below screencast) of creating base feature to get the orientation help in anyway 

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in reply to: numan85

Related to this, I'm creating a plane along a path (using a spline) and I'm noticing that as I drag the plane along the spline, it rotates. I'm just curious why this happens. It hasn't caused me any problems. I'm just trying to figure out from a geometric perspective, why a plane, only constrained to be perpendicular to a path, would rotate. Any insight into this would be appreciated.

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