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Pipe Form bug???

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Pipe Form bug???

Is there a bug in Fusion's pipe form after the last update? I have done this literally thousands of times without issue and today it is not working. It is not refreshing the preview after I change the attributes of the pipe before committing to it. If I modify the form it adds multiple layers of forms but you can only modify one of them. It never did this before. I tried the same thing on one of my student's computers on their account and it did the same thing (on Windows 11 computers). I have attached a short video of what I am talking about. Is it a known issue or is there a change I need to make to things to fix it?

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Peter Doering
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Thank you for reporting this. I've seen the same problem on my end. I have a ticket open to get this fixed; it's a bug, and I think it was introduced as a side effect of something else (but I'm not sure what yet).

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Thank you. I hope it is a quick and easy fix. I use this feature with my students and in my business as core techniques in what I do. 

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Have you heard anything about getting this fixed? I currently use the pipe tool everyday for work and have this some issue. 

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