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Pile of Bugs: updates happen

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Pile of Bugs: updates happen

It should be noted that I think most of these are tied to regular updates which are happening so often, it's hard to tell what is a bug and what is glitch caused by background activity/updates. The Simplification of this whole post, "When weird *!?# happens, Relaunch Fusion360."


  1. Can't open or save file. Suddenly everything is glitched. 
    1. Solution: ReLaunch Fusion360 and discover there was a background update... Once Fusion360 is done doing whatever in the world it was unable to tell me it was doing in the first place, files open and save normaly.
    2. Symptom: cannot save to location.
    3. Symptom: compressed file/folder is corrupted and cannot be opened, cannot be saved.
  2. Stuff stops working for no given reason.
    1. Solution: ReLaunch Fusion360 and discover there was a background update... Once Fusion360 is done doing whatever in the world it was unable to tell me it was doing in the first place, files open and save normaly.
    2. Symptom: stuff just doesn't work. If a function launches a pop up window that window might never pop up.
    3. Symptom: Copy/Cut/Paste doesn't work. If moving an object to a new window, it must be done one part at a time. More than one and the parts will ALL be erased at the source, but only a few or less will paste on the destination.
  3. Copy Paste issues, undo undoes too much:
    1. When moving objects/parts from one file to another. In my case decompressing files built when I was hobby license and an now decompressing them into separate files, and assemblies. As described above the copy past doesn't always work. Since I did not get everything I tried to paste, I have to try again, but everything was successfully cut/hidden. Control-Z undoes at random, and always undoes MORE than the previous action. This issue seems to ONLY effect CUT/COPY/PASTE.
    2. Solution:  unknown, restart?
    3. Symptom: Undo undoes more than previous action.
  4. Fusion360 looses connection with the server constantly, then interrupts work to complain about it as if it will actually effect anything I am doing locally.
    1. In severe cases Fusion360 tries to backup the saves to the server but cannot.
      1. This has been linked to undisclosed background updates.
    2. Will prevent Fusion360 from being closed, there is no time out and only relaunching resolves the issue, which is preventing Fusion360 from closing or relaunching...
      1. Solution is to "PAUSE" whatever Fusion360 is hung up trying to do and have Fusion360 try to complete the task when it is next launched...
    3. Every Morning I wake to find a "Server Verification Warning" 
      1. a note of bad certificates or some other error related to an over night network reset and Fusion360 is stomping mad that it lost network for a few min over night.  Tells me That I can trust the bad certificates or go offline and pout. Rather than automatically restoring whatever connection was lost. Like, why doesn't this resolve itself after many hours of uninterrupted connection.
      2. I think I have seen issues with trusting the certificates, only in that they are some kind of server error data mismatch and work cannot be uploaded. So its about the same as being offline, but with more errors.
      3. Going offline means nothing is backed up and a crash means you might loose hours of work. And fusion360 loves to crash when working with complex things. Somtimes when just moving things...
      4. Solution is to Relaunch Fusion360.
  5. Materials and Appearances (textures): Needs to be downloaded.
    1. Fusion360 updated in the background and Textures were lost or updated, again...
      1. Comment: OMG how many times do they need to be updated! I feel like its every other time I open the menu to apply a Appearance or Material that some kind of updated happened and now they need to be downloaded.
      2. Why doesn't this happen automatically as a background process like all the other silent updates?!
    2. Fusion360 has a pending update and textures cannot be downloaded or applied until after the update!?
      1. Comment: Seriously how I do I disable all updates without unplugging the computer from the network for weeks on end?!
  6. Updates are now at our convenience: Edit. No, not really.
    1. First there was no notice that there was an update pending. But the fact that Fusion360 was hung up trying to do something and refused to quit until it had finished should have been a clue.
    2. After PAUSING the action so that closing the app can continue. A new message pops up:
      1. You can choose later or another time.
        1. There is no option to just "Do it Now" and get it over with.
        2. Since the update has already broken Fusion360, I just want it done and over with.
          1. But since this message popped up after I was trying to close Fusion360, clicking "Later has pretty much the exact same effect as "Another Time"
        3. Buttons are POORLY named.
          1. Should be "Do it now", "At Relaunch", "At my convenience".
        4. So you delayed the update?
          1. Enjoy being notified constantly by a message that doesn't go away that you need to update.
          2. Oddly until recently when updates happened, at worst they messed with textures. They didn't cause crashes and bugs. I would have  to intentionally look to see if one dropped.
    3. I do not want to have to deal with this every since time there is an update, every couple days or less. 
      1. This need to be a setting not a pop up,
        1. unless an update is Critical, then by all means be persistent.
        2. not all updates are critical.
    4. Optional updates is not stopping the things that break when updates drop.
      1. Just dropping this so called first optional update, broke something with the server and required... you guessed it, a ReLaunch.
      2. After the relaunch everything looks normal.No messages, no glitches.
      3. Give it a day, there will be more updates and I will have more bugs to edit into this post.


I need to be able to use Fusion360 without it having done something in the background to break something. I need to be able to trust it to be stable and not have to be restarted all the time! Never mind all the times that whenever I clicked was just to hard and Fusion360 just vanishes without even an error in the log. 


Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor


Windows 10 Pro N

Version 22H2
Installed on ‎3/‎23/‎2021
OS build 19045.3086
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19041.1000.0


250Mb LAN,

full duplex, dedicated Cat6 on 10gig LAN

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@rflulling Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I can certainly see your frustration and it appears most of these problems you are calling out seems to be related to a background download that could be happening or an upload to the cloud. 

I am going to connect with a few of our engineers, talk through this thread that you posted and see what are some of the possible causes for this issue and what could be solutions etc. 

Would also like to work with you to understand more details around the network / certificate issues that you have called out. 

At various points we would also be needing your logs files so that we can dive into some of the problems you have quoted. 

For now I do not have any solutions for you but will certainly bring up this thread to the engineering team. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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I had hoped that maybe others who had seen similar issues would chime in.

Perhaps I need to choose a better headline to attract more views.


I cannot believe I would be the only one to see these issues.


The most frustrating of all, is when the program just gives up. I have the settings so that it should be using little to no resources at all. Infact in task manager, Fusion is very light on the resources. So it boggles the mind how often the left side turns black. A sure sign Fusion360 is lost, or grinding it's gears. Most of the time this lasts a few moments, some times it starts happening after just about every action. And it's time to relaunch. Worst case it just drops. No warning. No logs, no error message. Just gone.


Like I said already, with how often updates seem to be dropping it's hard to know if what I am seeing is a bug or a update born glitch. But, if I can get the same issue to repeat enough and I know there haven't been any updates then I can generate a proper bug ticket. Right now its just a mess.


Not that I don't appreciate updates. But, it seems every one is running fast and furious with constantly over night patches and it gets old fast. Back in the day when the updates were mostly silent and did not cause bugs. I appreciated that.


I want to enjoy the choose your own date to update. Though once upon a time, this was accomplished simply by not restarting Fusion360.




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in reply to: rflulling

Ultimately what generated the certificates error: I was leaving fusion360 open over night with a complex file open. I am guessing Fusion360 tries to auto save over and over again. Charter Spectrum broad band internet goes down at period in the middle of the night for service. Fusion360 tries to save and gets angry. So this error should generate anytime I am working on a project and the internet is lost.



Just now noticed that my user icon is gone. Access to my setting and preferences is missing. This happened some time between the update that happened as listed at the end of this post and the Server Verification warning that happened over night.

Extension widow, while its just advertising to me, its always populated. Right now it is blank. -Assumption is to fix I will need to ReLaunch Fusion360.







I tried to intentionally recreate the certificates notice and was unable to cause it, though I got every other complaint.

Loss of local network was identified by windows and Fusion recognized this generating different notices and errors.




Of course before I could start trying to recreate the circumstances for the certificates error. I had to once again ReLaunch Fusion360. Services reduced for update... Of course there is an update, there is always an update. At least this one happened when I wasn't neck deep in projects and it was a quiet notice.


By the way, when clicking the link to Restart Fusion 360, there are no issues with Fusion360 closing on it's own and with the Update that I know of. But Fusion360 does not relaunch. This must be done by the user.


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in reply to: rflulling

@rflulling wrote:

I was leaving fusion360 open over night...


So is this problem solved?

Did you determine that the solution was to NOT leave Fusion 360 running?

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@rflulling Thank you for the great details you have been providing here on what you are seeing and what are the frustrations. I have started a conversation with our architects and engineering teams. 

There is certainly a lot going on in here and would like your help at various stags to understand what could be happening. 

1. To begin with , let's make sure you are on version 2.0.16490. This is he latest version of Fusion that we have released. We do not expect another update atleast for another month and hence we can utilize this month to see if some of the highlighted issues are not seen and that could give some insights into a background download and bandwidth that could expose some of the experience you are having

2. Regarding the certificates, don't know how much of this you can do but if you can just leave Fusion open with NO other file open overnight and see what happens? Then leave Fusion over night with a design that is dirty overnight and then on the third time leave a fully saved Fusion file open and see what happens. 

Log files at the end of each of these experiments would help to understand what is leading into the certificate experience. 

once again we will need some help on your side to get down to the bottom of each of these frustrations you are calling out add see what are some of the opportunities to improve the experience (ofcourse based on what we find out).

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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