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Petition:Bring back local simulation

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Petition:Bring back local simulation

To Autodesk Fusion 360 team


I want the Autodesk Fusion 360 team to bring back local Simulation.

The reason is not money-related. It is the speed.

I bought Fusion 360 every year and sometimes bought cloud credit.

I understand the need to generate money and have no problem paying, but your service is low-quality.

Before we were forced to do simulation online, I could finish local simulation in a matter of seconds, but now I need to wait for minutes.

I know we can close the simulation tab and continue working on another area.

However, this is not the way we work at our company. (Also this is not the way many company work too)

We need to check the simulation result before we can continue our work.

Before changing the dimension, we need to see if the parts are already optimized.

You seem out of touch with the customers this time, and I suggest you reverse the thing.

We are just a start-up, but we buy 3 of Fusions 360 every year, and now I might need to consider changing to another CAD.

This is all because your CAD system does not match our needs anymore.

Using your Simulation hinders our working process rather than helping us right now.

Please consider changing the thing back, at least for the static simulation.


Best regards


Krittanai Sajjapongse

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in reply to: sajjapongse

With today's Fusion server outage, my work is now unnecessarily hung up because Autodesk has decided that we don't need local processing in simulations. BOOOOOOOOO


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