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PCB not importing correctly

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PCB not importing correctly

When I create a PCB in Fusion 360 and import it into my cad model it doesn't show the PCB, it basically brings everything but the board, it includes the vias, components, etc. I might be able to work with this but I can't seem to be able to move it either. When I try to move it the only thing it will let me move is the electrical component (the metal contacts in the below picture. Both of these are pretty serious bugs that make it unusable.


I have been able to design a board in Eagle and import it BUT, The design workflow in eagle is BAD for designing curved boards, if not impossible (not that fusion is much better). The part I can't do in eagle is clip the back corners at an angle, it will only let me do sharp corners.


I would kill for a pcb layout in fusion 360 native, let me create a pcb with all the same sketch tools I can use in fusion 360.


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