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Pattern of bodies odd behavior

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Pattern of bodies odd behavior

Create anything, a cube for example. Note cube dimensions. Create component from body. Now create a (rectangular) pattern (body) and select the body of the newly created component. Make it 2 (instead of the default of 3) and the spacing equal to the cube dimension. Now you have two cubes side by side as expected as well as a component with two bodies (also as expected). Now delete the pattern from the timeline. The new body is indeed deleted but the first, original body is nowhere to be found, even though it is still showing under its component.


I had a complex model with a pattern in the middle of it, which I decided I no longer needed. The entire model disappeared with no way to recover. I narrowed it down to the above.


MacOS, all the latest.


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Running Compute All, 

has bought things back for me, after a deleted timeline icon.


Might help....

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