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Part only visible when on 2nd monitor

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Part only visible when on 2nd monitor

I am experiencing a very strange bug, I use my laptop and a monitor at my workplace, I cannot see the part when i am using fusion on my laptop screen, but as soon as i drag it to my monitor i can see the part. one screenshot is when i dragged fusion window to my second screen, and another one is when it is on my laptop screen. 

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Hi @darshil_raja ,

Thanks for posting to the Fusion 360 Forum. 

Kindly check your second monitor screen resolution, and display settings, make it 100% in scale and layout. 




Pradip Mistry

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Hi @darshil_raja, I presume your displays are of different DPI scales? I see that you are using the app in Full screen mode, too.


This looks like a familiar bug where the UI doesn't finish moving around while adjusting for a change in DPI scale. You should be able to "kick" Fusion's UI awake by toggling the window state - that is, if Maximized or Full screen, move to Windowed mode and back, or vice versa.


Please let me know if this workaround helps with this behavior, thanks!

Lance Carocci
Fusion QA for UI Framework/Cloud Workflows, and fervent cat enthusiast
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in reply to: darshil_raja

I found my solution by talking to support from the Autodesk team. They pointed me to a setting in my preferences that solved my issue. I am attaching the screenshot of the setting. I turned the setting ON and after that, it was working properly. 

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