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Part configurations (Feature Request)

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Part configurations (Feature Request)

After reviewing the message boards and seeing the work arounds for this problem, that makes this feature request.


It would be nice to have multiple "configurations" for a model, with each configuration having its own set of values for user parameters, and an active configuration that can be selected for each instance of the model in an assembly.


Currently I am copying a base parts as another file and making changes to the parameters,  however if I make a change to the base file,  I now have to manually change all of the different configurations I have made,  which can lead to errors.


? is there a better place I should be posting this ?






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in reply to: zhadoom

Configurations have been promised for some time - I would expect before AU.


In the meantime are you familiar with Derived Components?

Can you Attach an example file and typical workaround “configuration” file.

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Yep, work on Configurations is well under way. I can't share a timeline as to "when", but we're quite intent on delivering a robust solution to fill this gap.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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