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Parametric scaling not scaling evenly

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Parametric scaling not scaling evenly


Hi all,


This is my first time posting in these forums so I hope I have posted this in the correct spot.

I am attempting to make parametric nesting hexagons and the equation I have used to scale is not scaling evenly. So the first two interfere with each other where as the last two you could park a truck between. I have taken photos of my parameters screen and another of the section analysis. I have seen people post straight from Fusion but have no idea how to do that.




I believe this to be more of a problem with my maths skill (I'm a scaffolder not an engineer) more then it is a problem with Fusion but I know they're are a lot of smart people on these forums and hopefully someone can help.


I apologize if this is beyong the scope of this forum 

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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?


BTW - you can get clearer images using the Windows commands Shift Win S for screen capture to the clipboard and Ctrl v to Paste into the forum discussion.

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Cheers Brother

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in reply to: armymuffinman

I think it is math that you have is not what you are expecting.


Radius values of the hexagons for example, 

40, 36.8, 30.912, 23.494 15.975 and 9.585 exponential stepping

This is coming from a bigger and bigger scale factor value and being related to the previous hexagon and not the original hexagon.


what I think you are looking for is firstrad minus increasing scale factor value.  Could be wrong.

40, 36, 32, 28, 24 incremental stepping.


Might help...

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You're a life saver mate, thank you so much

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