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Parametric History Retained after Deleting Referenced Component

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Parametric History Retained after Deleting Referenced Component

I'm pretty new to Fushion, and I only in the last 3 weeks really nailed down comprehending how the parametric history tree works, but I ran into an issue that I don't see a way around.


I had referenced a component from a separate design into my current design, but later deleted it (not remove, but deleted it so that all traces of it would be gone). As I kept designing with the referenced component supposedly completely gone, I noticed through scrolling through my timeline where it retained a sketch or a reference to a sketch inside of that old component. Now every time I scroll up to that point in the timeline, it glitches and starts the timeline over to the beginning, even though there are still many more features later in the timeline. I cannot select the feature, or delete it. It's just "there". I can scroll the timeline beyond it, but if I land the timeline on it, it resets the timeline.


Any way to get rid of it? Anything I might have done wrong? Thanks!


Here's a video of the issue.


I'm wary of uploading the design because it has several referenced components, it's a complicated design, and it's for work.


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