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Painful slow performance breaking links in linked designs and other features

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Painful slow performance breaking links in linked designs and other features

Hi all.


Lately I'm having an extremly slow performance when I insert a design into another, and then I break the link. It can take easily about a minute, even when both of the designs are quite simple, as you can see in this image:



I've also noticed some poor performance in other quite basic features such as extrussions or push/pull operations in "clean" designs. Some of them can take easily about five seconds.


I've tried clearing the cache and reinstallng Fusion and this issue goes on, and my PC performs properly in other heavy weigth softwares. Any idea or known issue about this?


Running on Windows 11.

CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700 2.10 GHz

RAM: 32GB 4800Mhz

GPU: Nvidia Quadro P2


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in reply to: en9y37

Can you Attach a file here that exhibits this behavior?


Are you running a 3DConnexion device.  If yes, do you run Calibrate each morning at the start of a work session?

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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

Hi @TheCADWhisperer, thanks for your response.


Here you have a couple of designs. 'Host design' is the design in which you have to insert 'Linked design'. 


By the way,  I've tried in another PC with AMD GPU because I've been reading about some issues realted to nVidia cards, and I get the same behaviour. Both PCs are running the latest version of Fusion 360.


And no, I'm not running any kind of 3Dconnexion device.



The 'Linked design' was created in an older version of Fusion. If I replicate the same design in a new clear design from scratch, everything works fine and properly.


This should be studied, in my case I have a huge library of designs that are meant to be used by inserting into other designs, and this performance issue makes my whole library barely usable.



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@en9y37 Thank you for sharing the design. I want able to replicate the slow break link (took about 90 seconds for me). I have asked our engineering team to look at this. For reference this was logged internally as FUS-122038.

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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in reply to: en9y37

@en9y37 The slowness has been improved much more in the latest insider build and upcoming release. Would you please have a try in your convinence? And let us know if you have any other questions. 

Thanks for your support as always! 




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