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Outcomes are failing and then disappearing after leaving explore page

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Outcomes are failing and then disappearing after leaving explore page


I have been working with generative design and have been having issues on and off with this and not sure what I’m doing differently to cause the issue. 

I am generating outcomes and viewing them while they are in progress and after completion. They are listed as complete and not converged but have a warning sign. Some of the issues say fusion has encountered a problem and has failed to generate and outcome and the other says something about separation of preserved geometries which could be cause by the preserved geometries being too small. I don’t think this is the case as I have had successful results before without changing the geometries. 

after leaving the explore outcomes page and try and go back in it says “ one or more studies have not been generated yet so their outcomes will not appear in explore do you want to generate these studies now?” 

please can someone help me as I have deadlines approaching and have been trying to figure out why this keeps happening on and off over the past month. Not helped by the fact I can’t speak to anyone as I’m just on an educational licence. 

Thank you for any help you can provide

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