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Offset curve acts like it's open

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Offset curve acts like it's open

As you can see from this video, I create 2 curves at different offsets from the original. The original is from an imported SVG file.

The outer curve is offset 4.5 mm from the original, and it behaves like a closed curve. This is expected, because the original also behaves like a closed curve.

When the inner curve is offset by 1.9mm or more from the original, it behaves like a closed curve, as can be seen by the way it correctly bounds selections. BUT when it is offset by 1.8mm or less, it behaves like an open curve - it will not bound selections - they fill past it, bounded by the original and the outer curve at 4.5mm offset.

Note that all points on both the inner and outer curve show in black - there are no white points representing open line ends.



This is driving me absolutely insane - any help or pointers on what's going on here would be much appreciated.

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Please share the file.

File > export > save as f3d on local drive  > attach to post



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