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Non-stop spinning cursor

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Non-stop spinning cursor

No problems with freezing, all functionality seems fine. But frequently after some op or another, the cursor never stops spinning, doesn't return to an arrow. I can still pick items, but it's annoying as all get out. Sometimes it magically goes back to normal, otherwise I need to restart F360.



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in reply to: patmat2350

Not an intuitive change at all.  When I first saw it I tried to wait for it to go away before finally giving up and trying to work through it.  Additionally it's not very convienient selecting something with a spinning circle vs a pointer.  

Dale Speakes
prototype technology
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in reply to: patmat2350

F360 Team: Nothing? 

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in reply to: patmat2350

@Phil.E I can confirm this rather annoying behavior.

Seems to be happening much more on my work computer than on my home computer, both up-to-date OS Windows machines.

Peter Doering
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in reply to: patmat2350

There are a couple of click actions that seem to stop it for me. One is hiding/unhiding any object in the tree.

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in reply to: patmat2350

FWIW, although I first noticed this on Windows, it also happens on the Mac. Not the proper OS "beach ball" but a black and white spinner. 

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in reply to: patmat2350

Yes, I am experiencing this as well.   On Windows it's the standard "busy" cursor that someone forgot to set back to "default" in the code.   Please fix this.  It is super annoying!

Brien King
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in reply to: patmat2350

Hey all,


This is a known issue that we are tracking internally as FUS-140931. Thanks for reporting - hopefully we can get this fixed soon.




Karina Harper

Software QA Engineer, Fusion 360

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in reply to: karina.harper


FWIW, been having this issue pretty much non stop.

Also, and I don't know when this happened, but in one of the more recent releases, the cursor itself has change (at least on the Mac side).    I'm almost 60, post cataract, and generally have a tough time seeing the thing in general.   At the OS level I've beefed up the size and the colors to make it easier to spot.   

That doesn't help in fusion though as while it respects the cursor size (least as far as I can tell) what it doesnt' do is make the "micro icons" that indicate the snap type any easaier t see:

fusion cursor.png


That pretty much vanishes on a 4K display and it's lack of color contrast makes it almost impossible to spot, let alone recognize amidst a mess of busy geometry in a semi complex sketch.

Is there any way possible to either up the size (and preferably change the color) somehow?   Or if not that is there a cursor resource file we could edit to change the various cursors to make the snap type indication more pronounced?


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in reply to: lewnworx

Why is this marked as solved??? It's absolutely not. the issue persists.

Honestly.. i can't with F360 anymore. Constant updates that seem to just add bloat, and not solve any "real" issues.
Every time i open this software, there's an update, followed by a series of issues that have persisted since day one.

-Complex geometry?? Nah, we're going to hang for eternity with no crash.
-Oh, you want to edit a sketch?? Nah... white screen if it's too far back in the timeline, irrespective of if it actually affects any geometry.
-There's an update, do you want us to restart now? no.. ok, we'll just sit here and spin your cursor until you do.. also.. every menu will be slow to load, or cause a hang to eternity. .good luck..

I see more time put into developing bugs, glitches, and hangs, all at the same time as requesting exorbitant subscription fees...

It seems to me, 99% of the issues this software has is C-Suit's addiction to buzzwords.. **Waves hands mystically and mutters "THE CLOUD**

Honestly.. stop trying to shuffle every aspect of this software to the cloud. Stop adding useless features no one asked for, or wanted, until you fix the issues already on your plate. Make the thing STABLE before you add more bloat to it.
(don't even get me started on the nonsensical "scale factor" *feature*

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