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No Read-Only/Editable Drop Down

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No Read-Only/Editable Drop Down

Hi there, 


I recently got a new computer and have installed Fusion 360 on this computer. However, where the "Read Only" or "Editable" option used to be there is nothing. The only way I can stay under the 10 document limit now is to just delete any document that is editable. 


I also often get an error message when opening a document implying I should update Fusion360 but I check for updates and the system tells me I'm up to date. 


I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the program. 







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in reply to: nkhuri814

Hi @nkhuri814,


The latest version of Fusion should be 2.0.18441, which can be verified in Help > About.


It may be worth a try to clear Fusion's local cache to restore the read-only / editable option (Help > Support and Diagnostics > Clear cache data).


If you're still having trouble, could you attach diagnostic files? (Help > Support and Diagnostics > Diagnostic Log Files)


Best regards,

Hugh Henderson
QA Engineer (Fusion Simulation)
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in reply to: henderh

I just happened to update - I was at 2.0.18441 but now I am at 2.0.18460. 


I still get the error message but it doesn't seem to have any other negative effects. 


I did clear the local cache as suggested but no luck. 


Attached are the diagnostic logs - thanks so much for the help!

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Did you get a reply to this error? I am having the same issue and was hoping you may have received some answers.

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No, unfortunately I am still having the issue. My work around is to use a separate computer which does not have the problem. I'll set editable docs to read only and then switch back to my main computer to do the modeling. 


If anybody can help with this issue I would greatly appreciate it. 

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Ok, thanks for the reply. Not great. Will have to try and source a second computer I suppose.

Thanks again for the update

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