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No option to solve simulations locally and the cloud is PAINFULLY slow

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No option to solve simulations locally and the cloud is PAINFULLY slow

I have read the comments from the Fusion team on why they went to solving studies via the cloud only but with how bad their cloud service is, they should really consider to fix that before taking away the option to solve locally.

I am 20 mins into solving a VERY simple study, one that previously would take my mid tier laptop just a couple minutes to solve.  In that 20ish minutes I am only 6% completed with this study.  

Fusion team, you already took away the option to use basic simulations in the standard package and now want us to pay a significant amount extra to use them while also severely diminishing the performance of the now very expensive simulations.  Can we backpedal a bit and at least bring back the ability to solve a study locally.  No one wants to wait hours for a study that used to take minutes and then to pay a premium for that inconvenience. 

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Yes, it is a sad state of affairs. Fusion 360 used to be this gem of a great deal. It is still a good deal, at least if you only consider the base cost, but I don't feel appreciated anymore. I've been subscribing about three years, and I can't recall any new features that helped me out.


Charging (a lot) more for simulations and delivering (a lot) worse performance is a real kick in the teeth.

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I definitely agree there.  It's now the next morning and it just shows "failed".  I NEVER had that happen with local processing.

Screenshot 2023-02-03 082615.jpg

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