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No history for body names in the timeline

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No history for body names in the timeline



There is an issue with Fusion: it does not save the history of name changes for bodies or the addition of new groups in the timeline. This can cause errors when executing 'Compute All' (Ctrl + B).


Proceed as follows to reproduce this problem:
1. Cut up a body.
2. Rename the newly created bodies.
3. Create a new group.
4. Move the new bodies into the new group.
5. Go back in the timeline.
The component groups that have been newly created remain accessible in the browser.
However, when the cut is executed again, the new bodies are given unpredictable names from the cache and placed in the new groups in an unpredictable manner.
If projections of these bodies are created later in the timeline, random errors may occur.


Namen Chaos.gif


"Körpernamen Chaos a v1.f3d" is the incorrect file
"Neu_Bogen v14.f3d" is the same construction, only without changing the names of the bodies



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in reply to: felsentreu

@Phil.E unfortunately I currently don't have the tie to check this out. From the description this sound like undesirable or buggy behavior. Could you check this out? 

Peter Doering
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I've had a play and had no luck reproducing with the files you have supplied. I've tried following your method. Tried cuts up and downstream, renaming up and downstream, folder creation and rebuilds in all of that too with no luck. Are you able to make a GIF showing how to make this bug happen on your file with no renamed bodies in it (Neu_Bogen v14.f3d)?

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There is a misunderstanding. The file "Neu_Bogen v14.f3d" is completely OK.
The file "Body name chaos a v1.f3d" is corrupted, not "Neu_Bogen v14.f3d".
The file "Neu_Bogen v14.f3d" has been attached to show that the problem is not due to the type of construction.
Sorry for the imprecise wording.



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in reply to: felsentreu

sorry, I also mixed up the files.
The file from which the .gif comes is not "Körpernamen Chaos a v1.f3d" it is "Bogen_neue Körpernamen v7.f3d".



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in reply to: felsentreu

Here is the requested .gif. I have grouped the features of the file Neu_Bogen.f3d for an better overview. The errors are random, other cut positions produce sometimes more sometimes less chaos. Errors sometimes only occur after pressing Crl + B 10 times.
The modified file is attached, but to produce the error it seems better to use the file Neu_Bogen.f3d.



















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