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New snapping behaviour in Fusion360 Electronics Board.

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New snapping behaviour in Fusion360 Electronics Board.


After not being able to login into Eagle  (an on going problem). I migrated the design to Fusion360. In there I run into an issue with the snapping behaviour. It used to be that when the auto router could not route it without overlapping it would just not run and not still snap to a spot. Now it does. Also when pressing the ALT key and routing it does not really allow me too do fine grained routing. Instead it snaps to a pad once again. As I have a small board and need to de precise routing. This is currently unusable. I now place the route over a pad. Use the split command and then move the trace. This is fine if I have to doo this once. But not really workable for a whole board. Could you tell me how I can disable this snapping behaviour or how to revert to the old behaviour? I included a movie which shows the current behaviour.

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Somehow completely shutting down and restarting fusion360 fixed it.

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