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New components automatically turned on when updating drawing package.

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New components automatically turned on when updating drawing package.

When you already have large amount of drawing pages, presumably with a page per component and some assembly's, I find it incredibly time consuming that when you create a new component, re-link the drawings, it automatically becomes visible in all of your drawings. I then have to go back through all the pages, drop down my component tree, turn off the new component, then wait for all the dims to return to where they should be. A drawing set with 10 pages can take 15 minutes. Then if i create another component, another 15 minutes. 


Sure if something is within another component it wont turn on but that is not always the case. In some rare cases it is useful that the component appears, but it would be much easier to turn it on, than to go through and turn it off. 


Is there a way I can bypass this? @autodeskfusion360





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