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new bug found using colinear constraint in sketches

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new bug found using colinear constraint in sketches

I updated fusion today and have a new bug showing up when sketching.  I was doing it in a big complex file but I can duplicate the bug in a small simple file as shown in the attached screen captures.  to duplicate this bug:  


1.) create a sketch with a horizontal line and a diagonal line as shown (let's call them line 1 and line 2)

2.) create a new sketch on the same plane (XY in my case) and project those two lines (1 and 2) onto the new sketch as construction geometry.  call these new projected lines 3 & 4

3.) draw a new solid line (#5) onto the the projected diagonal line (#4) by letting the endpoints of the new line automatically make coincident mates onto line #4

4.) draw a new solid line (#6) which branches off line #5 (coincident endpoints)




here is where the bug happens:


5.) set line #6 colinear to line #3 (the projected horizontal line)


As you can see from the screen captures, the colinear constraint makes line #6 actually colinear to line #4 instead of line #3




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in reply to: lee.krasnow

here is another example of how this bug is showing up, building off the previous one, let's say that I fillet the corner first like this:


and then try to set line #6 colinear to line #3 well OK that works as expected:




the fillet removed the coincident constraint for the lower end point of line #5 so I try to set line #5 colinear to line #4 and fusion allows me to set that constraint but the sketch does not actually update to make those lines colinear it just makes them all black color to show that they are fully defined.





if, however, I delete that top coincident constraint on the endpoint of line #5 then the colinear constraint works correctly as show in this final image:


bug 6.PNG

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@Phil.E Here's one for the sketch team.

I've not tried to reproduce this.


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@lee.krasnow  Sorry for the inconvenience caused & Thank you for sharing the steps to reproduce the issue. We could reproduce the issue at our end with steps provided by you , our team will analyse it further more.
We have logged an issue FUS-160612 for it & we are looking for the solution .


Sameer Babar.
Autodesk Fusion Team

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