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Need help with subscription payment update

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Need help with subscription payment update

 Updated my payment method in my account and still receive emails saying to update my payment method. 
The manage button in my account does nothing.

I have opened support cases.

I have chatted with Vinyana B. several times in support.
Vinyana scheduled a call back that never happened.
I checked and posted in forums several times.
This is absolutely crazy...I started this a month ago.
What happened to customer support? It does not seem to exsist.
Can I buy customer support?
I would like to update my payment method for my account and buy some support coverage so this does not happen again.
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in reply to: EdDRM

I still have a list of questions but do not expect to find any answers here or from custmer support.
The main issue of payment update was taken care of.
It was not by the support team though..I had to spend hours looking for a way to resolve it, finally resorting to calling the sales team.
I started this process over a month ago!
Customer support does not seem to be a priority for Autodesk at this time.
Very sad to see a company degrade like this.... 
I was promised a call back twice, 1 within 24 hours a week ago and 1 within 4 hours a day ago...
The support agent tried to use some fancy wording on the email reply for the call that was promised in 4 is the best part, you will love it...give her a raise!
"As soon as we get an update we will schedule a call back on this within next 4 hours."
If anyone that cares reads this please take note.
You customer support team is laughing at you Autodesk!
As far as an answer ...I think there is a way to pay for real customer support...I will be looking into that.
Many many hours of work where lost trying to reslove what I think should have been a very simple phone call.

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