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need help/suggestions on how to chamfer this difficult 3d model.

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need help/suggestions on how to chamfer this difficult 3d model.


I am looking to manufacture something using stamping technique. for this, i need to have chamfered edges on a logo that is to be embossed on a surface of the product. I am attaching the svg file of the logo here.

The problem is, that the embossed logo is very complex and it is impossible for me to apply chamfer to all edges because of radius issues I assume. tried with 0.1mm radius. 


Does anybody have an idea for a work around to get smooth edges for this logo


Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 11.49.37.png


















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Replace the curves with simplified tangent arcs/lines.

This will require a new sketch using the imported svg only as reference.

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How are you going to create this? Are you going to mill it or 3d print? If you are going to mill it you could leave the edge sharp on the model and just use a chamfer machining OP to chamfer the part. Another option might be the Engrave (Vcarve) op to machine around the outside. For engrave you'd need a rectangle around the logo as engrave only works in enclosed profiles.


Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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