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Navigation Bar in wrong window till restart

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Navigation Bar in wrong window till restart

Today I was working away in the Design space, and noticed partway through that the Navigation Bar was not there - did not notice when it went away. Here is what the window looked like, as you can see nothing at the bottom/center of the screen where it should have been:




Tried bringing up the 'view' menu under Files, and saw that it should have been there, it was not hidden. Then, opened up the Data Panel, and saw the Nav Bar over there! Here is what it looked like, I marked it with a red arrow.




Tried hiding/showing it several times, with data panel open and closed, could not get it back to the right place. Then shut down Fusion and restarted it, and now its back in the proper position (red arrow)




Never seen this bug before, wonder if its related to the old bug where the timeline slider disapears??

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I'm also seeing instances of incorrect widget placement after updating to 2.0.16009. My window was full screen, but my top toolbar only filled in the left third of the horizontal space, so all the icon labels were truncated. Opening and closing the data panel "jiggled the handled" enough to clear it up. 

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