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My education account expires soon, how to change to a hobbyist account

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My education account expires soon, how to change to a hobbyist account

I have an education account expiring in 22 days, I would like to change this to a hobbyist account


I have tried to uninstall fusion 360 and logging out my education account and downloading fusion 360 for personal use and then install it.
The new install start ok, but I am still in the soon expiring education state.

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Hi @peter.weijnitz,

Please reach out to our education support team, who can remove the education licenses from your account.

You can then download the Fusion 360 Personal license from this page.


Please let me know if you have any further issues,



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Leo Warren
Community Manager - Students & Educators
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in reply to: peter.weijnitz


After the EDU version is finished, a 30-day trial phase with full access automatically follows.
Only when then the message 

 "Subsription Expired -Read only" appears  follow this procedure:



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I got an anser from the support.
I need to create a new personal account with a new e-mail.
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in reply to: LeoWarren-EDU


Since I am asked again and again what one has to do after the expiration of the EDU license to change to another license form,

I would like to know:

1. does the procedure I described no longer work?
Note: I have received a lot of positive feedback on this this year.

2. does this rule apply equally to EDU accounts with private (non-institutional) email?

3.Does the new account (with new mail) also need to have a new name?

This would mean:
a) that existing designs are lost
b) the person in the forum gets a new identity



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in reply to: g-andresen

I had a chat with Autodesk Assistant (called Lisbeth) about this, I got the
"the type of profile cannot be changed. You have to create another account.
If you want to use the same email you would have to delete this account and
wait 30 days until you are able to use the same email."

your method may no longer work or Lisbeth was misstaken. (i don't know
which is true)

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in reply to: peter.weijnitz

I had the same issue and got it figured out. I had to go in to my autodesk account -> User Management -> By Product and then unassign myself from the product. Then, I opened F360 and logged in and the "Expired Subscription - Read Only" was replaced with "Personal - Not for Commercial Use. In my autodesk account I am not "assigned" to anything, but it works.


Hopefully that will help.

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in reply to: jtayl0r

After a great search and many questions to the support service, this was the solution to my question. Bit of a pity they don't know all this themselves or is clearly stated somewhere. Hopefully they read along and this will be mentioned somewhere when taking a personal license. Thanks a lot!

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