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Multiple different logins on the same computer

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Multiple different logins on the same computer

Hello, I am trying to log into 2 different Autodesk products using 2 different Autodesk logins on the same computer. I am on my work computer which has AutoCAD which is registered to my company. I want to be able to log into Fusion 360 and work on my own personal projects(off work hours of course) using a different login. Can AutoCAD and Fusion360 both be logged into separate accounts at the same time on the same computer? 

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in reply to: PilonWorks

In short no. Signing into one will sign into the other. It has to do with how the background services for licence check and verification work. 

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: ryan.bales

So if my Autocad is logged into my personal account. will this mess up the licensing for Autocad? My Autocad license is a permanent stand alone, non-network license. Will this sync anything from Autocad to my personal account? My company does not really use anything using the Autodesk Account. 

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in reply to: PilonWorks

You wont mess anything up. But if you log into AutoCAD with your company account it will attempt (and succeed) to log into the Fusion 360 under the same email.


I'd wager you might be okay - if logging into Fusion with your personal account - and it attempts to login with AutoCAD too, IF its really a genuine perpetual licence (these were phased out three years ago).


Really we can only know for sure if you try this out. If you get an error in AutoCAD stating you don't have a valid licence then we know. If its a perpetual licence then you shouldn't really have any issues as your licence isn't account driven. 

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: ryan.bales

Can you/autodesk please change this. I have two different applications (Inventor and Revit). One is from my company, the other from my university. I want do use both at the same computer, best at the same time but this is currently not really possible or leads to big problems at least. Can´t be that hard for a leading software company!

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in reply to: bernd.schreck

The short answer is no. There will be no change to how or license checks work or allowing you to login to multiple accounts on the same computer. As i said in the first reply to the OP, this is how licence check and verification work.

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: ryan.bales

Sorry to necro, but this is definitely something you should revisit in the age of WFH.

As someone who freelances with my own LT license, while having a studio Maya license, it's an absolute nightmare switching logins multiple times a day depending on whose project I'm working on when Maya can't open LT files and vise versa. These programs don't interact in any way, other than messing with my logins.

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in reply to: guana8CF85

I have the same problem, I have a Fusion 360 subscription and I'm a student and need to working with Autocad LT. 

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Such a disappointed response Ryan. I think in this day and age if I am unable to run two licenses on one pc it is pretty sad. Instead of saying "this is how it works" you should be looking at how to fix it. It makes no sense. My computer! My! accounts! My businesses! why is autodesk restricting it. They are not free software's,  I do pay for them.  

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in reply to: ryan.bales

Extremely disappointing answer. I, too, am in the same boat here. I have a personal license for AutoCAD LT Mac, and a company login for Fusion 360, but no way to work with them at the same time.
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Same here. Switching multiple times a day is just annoying and unneccessary.

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Same issue here. must relogin 10+ times a day between the two accounts i use at work. One account has fusion, one has autocad.  

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in reply to: jrandolph3110

same problem here.

This is an absolutely user unfriendly method of licensing.

Have to login logout multipe times per day.

(switching between my own company Fusion license and Client computer Autocad license)

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in reply to: PG.Eng2

Same issue for me. Have the AEC collection for work and use Fusion 360 for personal projects. Switching between two accounts multiple times a day is infuriating. For what this software costs, some movement from Autodesk would be appreciated.

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in reply to: ryan.bales

This is a huge issue and should be revisited. Along with your responses-- you're here to help not be rude

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in reply to: ryan.bales

Found a solution. Dropped the Autocad LT license and bought Draftsight.

Cheaper as well.

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in reply to: PilonWorks

Same problem as everybody. Why make the creative industry even harder by forcing people to either switch often between accounts or work on one account only? 

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in reply to: ryan.bales

Adding myself to the list of dissatisfied autodesk users that need to use different login for different software. Please address this. This will force me to leave fusion360 for OnShape.

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in reply to: PilonWorks

I have the same problem, it is dissappointing that they cannot fix this problem, it seems there are a lot of people with this issue

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Same problem here. Seriously ordinary experience considering the cost of the software. Get your act together Autodesk!

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