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Moving (rotate) drops constraints?

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Moving (rotate) drops constraints?

I'm likely doing something dumb here, but I can't explain what I'm seeing. I've made a rectangle with perpendicular sides on three corners (four would be over constrained). I then try to rotate one of the edges. The perpendicular constraint on one of the corners is lost and the shape goes out of square. 


Does move sometimes eat constraints? Is it supposed to?



Sketch is here (in the CAM component)

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I would be more upset at the lost dimension.

If that is a 2 point rectangle, then the underlying horizontal / vertical is not lost, (should be)

(Can’t make a 2 point rectangle from scratch on an angle)

One workaround is 3 point rectangle on an angle.  There are others.


Probably the sketch engine.


Might help……



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in reply to: bentwookie

When I do the operation you describe, I do not see the problematic results. I may not be selecting the exact pivot point but it does not make a difference wherever I select.


Sketch Rotate.gif

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John Hackney

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I'm only rotating the one edge and expecting the others to come along for the ride based on the applied constraints. It works for me as well if you select all the edges (or initially construct a 3-point rectangle). 


Seems like a bug. I'd expect it to rotate like the 3-point rectangle constructions do, but short of that, I'd expect it to remain stationary instead of removing constraints/dimensions. 

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in reply to: bentwookie


Avoid such rotations if you want to have stable as well as reproducible and editable sketches.

Dimension the angle!




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in reply to: bentwookie

The short answer is:  yes, Sketch Move does remove constraints.  The logic here is:  If the user wants to just rotate the selected geometry, Fusion will try to honor that operation as requested.  If there are constraints to that object that might affect that move, they will be removed.  Sketch Drag, though, allows you to move geometry within the constraint system, but at the expense of not necessarily following along as you might expect it to.

Jeff Strater
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