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Moving Design Question?

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Moving Design Question?

So since the creation of Fusion 360 being able to move designs to different project folders has been near impossible. Now, sometimes when you right click on them and select move, it will show you your entire projects tree structure. Sometimes it shows you a project folder that has nothing to do with it and it is the only place it will let you move anything. 


Follow the link to my online account, and I have the option to move it where I want, but I get errors. 


Additionally when selecting save, it alway, "Always" goes to the "My First Project" Folder which people who do this for a living told me was one of the reasons they stopped using Fusion 360. So I moved everything out of "My First Project" and then deleted that folder, now moving stuff and saving where I want is impossible.


This makes organizing projects absolutely impossible, but I expect if I were to start paying the issue would resolve it self. As is bait-n-switch. Everyday Solidworks hobbyist edition sounds like a great idea.


.... fix your storages structure and saving issues. This makes it impossible to find anything when I think I saved it to a folder and your software just puts it wherever it want to and then will not let me move it. This persistent bug absolutely sucks! Can't move projects for what seems absolutely no reason at all. How can we know if the error does not tell us what the error it, or even give us an error number to give you for troubleshooting. Unless this is an intentional but to encourage subscriptions?

These are the things Engineers talk about and Fusion 360 has a bunch of engineering firms saying the exact same thing. What happens when the customers you need to pay walk away to Solidworks or other cad programs? 

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I cannot say that I can relate to any of what you write. While I certainly think the Data Panel and the Home Screen can be improved a lot, I've never had a problem saving or moving a file into a desired folder.


Can you create a screencast to demonstrate that behavior ?

Peter Doering
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in reply to: badonj002

@badonj002 Are you using a team hub or a personal hub (Single  User Storage)? With a team hub you should be able to move designs to a different project even if they are already referenced by another design. With a personal hub you are restricted to keeping all referenced designs (distributed design) in one project.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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What is really wrong. After I posted, the next launch let me know, then a fixed bug I reported was back. Online user accounts and web based. Online web storage is also a design shoppers warehouse of "free" designs.  Now get non-stop pay for it offers. 


I am a disabled veteran and I do not work (becasue I am a disabled veteran), or use Fusion 360 for profit. We were lured with free-hobbyist licence years ago, then once they changed directions and we did all of the initial beta testing all of the bugs randomly show up and goes away.  


Don't offer it for free if you really do not mean it. I am tired of being used. 


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