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Mouse Bug after recent update

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Mouse Bug after recent update

After the recent update I've noticed a potential bug that is making it very difficult for me to use Fusion 360.


The mouse click is registered but not opens up. I click on the menu which opens up and then when I click any item in the menu it doesn't respond. Like if I attempt to click parameters it doesn't pop up with the parameter box. If I click Inspect it doesn't do anything. If i double click sketch it doesn't open up to make changes. Note: Using Keyboard shortcuts seems to work just fine when this happens. and Fusion is responsive not forzen. 


If I click select > selection filters and uncheck all, my last mouse action quickly springs into action automatically (as if it was queued) and after one single mouse activity it reverts back to unresponsive to mouse clicks. 


Here's a Youtube Link to the issue


I've attached a video of this below here. Note my cpu, gfx card etc usage is minimum and Windows and other apps operate normally at the time this is happening. Drivers are up to date so is windows. I'm on Windows 10 64Bit


UPDATE (JULY 2023) - The mouse issue has returned and is exactly the same as when I originally had this issue.

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I used the Service Utility to repair Fusion 360 which ended up with messing up the copy of my Fusion 360 and it just refused to start.. Some missing DLLs...  So I uninstalled the whole thing, restarted my PC and reinstalled fresh and it seems to be working fine so far... I'll continue to monitor and confirm if my issue has been resolved or not...

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No issues since the reinstallation. So no clue what caused Fusion 360 to have those issues after update. But all's well now.

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Issue persists .. exactly the same issue.. which seems to restore mouse operations (when you toggle selection filter) for a single operation before reverting to the issue again 

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