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Mounting hole in PCB editor doesn't match footprint

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Mounting hole in PCB editor doesn't match footprint

I've created a component for an OLED display module (


I created a footprint to match the dimensions from the datasheet, including 4 plated mounting holes to secure the module. I have specified an inner diameter of 3.1mm, and an outer diameter of 4.5mm. However, when I place the component in my PCB layout, the outer diameter is closer to 5.4mm.


One of the mounting holes is in an area with some dense routing, so I really need it to conform to the size I have specified. How can I make Fusion respect the size of the footprint? I have imported the JLCPCB 4-layer design rules. Perhaps there is some setting (like annular ring size) that I need to adjust?




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Hehe, well, that was indeed the issue. A minimum width of 40% was being enforced. I turned that down a bit and it made the pads match the footprint. I will have to double-check that it didn't reduce the size of other pads too much, but at least I'm on the right track.


I should have tried it before opening this topic. Maybe this will be of help to some poor soul in the future.

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