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Most recent update (2.0.16753 x86_64) doesn't recognise my subscription .

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Most recent update (2.0.16753 x86_64) doesn't recognise my subscription .

After Fusion updated itself to the latest version, 2.0.16753 x86_64 I get the error "Subscription expired - read only"


Verified this on a second computer, my Laptop was running 2.0.16490 x86_64. This started just fine and reported no errors. When I allowed it to update and restart I get exactly the same error.


I've tried clearing the cache, log-in credentials, re-installed multiple times.


I have a support ticket open but am also posting here in case anyone knows how to fix this.

(and I tried this solution but it didn't fix it for me).

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I have exact same situation. All other posts and solutions doesn't work for me. 

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I worked with support, multiple sessions where they re-installed Fusion tried to clear cached settings etc. They were not able to resolve the issue.


It went away.

Importantly, it had never actually effected my ability to DO anything, it wasn't actually running in read only mode. It just gave me that error. So I ignored it, and some time later it stopped showing up.


Which is probably super frustrating for the people trying to fix the bug, but there you go.

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@andrew2C326 wrote:

So I ignored it, and some time later it stopped showing up.


I have also had such experiences and recommend not to panic when receiving such messages, but to wait and see.
Feedback confirms the usefulness of this recommendation.



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in reply to: g-andresen

We shuffled licenses and other things, nothing worked.


My colleague just had a similar error appear today, I told him to ignore it unless some functionality has actually changed.

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