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More "Expired" issues..

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More "Expired" issues..

Using educator license. I succesfully renewed it, after having to wait several days because I couldn't upload the required document soon enough (also I note that a very simple educator card was OKed, but not a tax statement...). In the meantime Fusion showed the "Expired - read only" red tag.

Problem is: it's still showing.

Also... it's not read-only. Despite the product NOT appearing on my account, I can fully use it.

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Well today it has started denying my saving new projects.

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When I click on expried and try to go to the confirmation page to renew, I get a pop-up that says "You're confirmed!" and then states it's valid till October 2024.

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Update and "solution". I reinstalled F360 from the get software button on the screen where the confirmation appears and it now works. What's odd is it works both on the computer I did the reinstall and my other computer which as the non-reinstalled version. I don't quite get what's happened but if you're having this issue: reinstall...

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