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Model view jumping when try to use the axys cube in the corner

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Model view jumping when try to use the axys cube in the corner

Hello folks,

I got an issue what bothers me a lot and don't know how to fix it if is fixable from my end. On design, when moving the view around, model view jumps from one side to the other suddenly, jumping from FRONT to BACK view. The same does from BOTTOM to TOP view. Does anyone know how I can stop this?

Much appreciated any help as drive me crazy.

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This is a known issue when dragging the view cube and the mouse travels outside the application window.


Unfortunately it has proven very hard to fix. In the mean time, please use one of the other methods to orbit the model.

1. The orbit command


2. Depending on your mouse preferences, orbit with the mouse middle button (Tinkercad style) or use shift + mmb to orbit.  These preferences are set in the Quick Setup dialog, under the Help icon.


3. Use a spacemouse

4. Click the controls on the view cube that orbit the model.



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Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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