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Missing Project Folders in Data Panel

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Missing Project Folders in Data Panel

This seems to be a fairly common occurrence with Fusion360 but no clear-cut solution...


None of my project folders in my Team organization are showing in Fusion360.  Have validated that they do exist on the web view. I am an Administrator for the Team.  I have tried both resetting the Data Panel manually by renaming the NSCloudBrowserCache files and also resetting preferences by deleting the NGlobalOptions.xml and NMachineSpecificOptions.xml files (both recommended solutions found on this forum via Google).  Have validated that I'm in the correct team.  Screen shot below shows data panel on left overlaid with web page view



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Do you know if these projects are all set with "folder-level" permissions? If so, there seems to be an issue with seeing those types of projects from within F360 at the moment. 

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I am in the same sinking boat, was learning about configurations, now I can't get back to my files.

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Apologies for the experience. Can you please restart Fusion 360 and that should take care of this issue. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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