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Message directed to a support case agent involving mutiple accounts, inacceible files and licenses.

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Message directed to a support case agent involving mutiple accounts, inacceible files and licenses.

Dear reader,

My situation:
I have tree accounts for fusion 360, why you might ask, well I don't remember. I guess its due to testing the software with trials over the past few years to test if it was already worth buying for me, as well as switching from my student account to a business. One of these accounts has been used to buy a license of one year. But this has expired some time ago.
I have to ask a forum now for help because I have no access to a support ticket anymore, which is a bit rude, since I owned a license. 

My Problem:
Since I have multiple accounts with each their own files (mechanical and electronics) I was desperately trying to combine all these files in one team, to have one account with all my files, so I can buy a license again. And delete the other two accounts.

- problem 1: I have mechanical design files that I transferred from all my accounts to a team that is called "team made for data exchange" (this team was made by Autodesk, not me). To try to have access from one account to all my files. This is not possible, some files are marked as secret, so I can not see them from the other accounts. And I cannot transfer them back because I have low access on the accounts (I cannot buy a subscription for 3 accounts just to solve this).


- problem 2: even if I get the files transferred to one team, what will happen when the owner of these files (mechanical and electronics) is no longer an active use, will the files disappear? How do I change the owner of files?

- problem 3: for my electronics files, they use libraries, some of them are a bit older (made by me) and not all of them want to upload to Library.IO (errors and subscription problems), also I'm not sure that if I get them uploaded. That my PCB files (which also have to get transferred) will just start using the components from library.IO instead of the local libraries as they do now. i have not yet transfered my electronics file and libraries that i worked one year on because i am to afraid for errors that i will not be able to resolve.

Please help me in this, i can not afford to waste 200-300 euro's just to try and get my files sorted, without any garantee that it will even work ...


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