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Meshing Error while trying to do a simulation

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Meshing Error while trying to do a simulation


I'm trying to do the following simulation in this file. The thing is that every time I try to solve the simulation it always fail. It always is because meshing errors. Also, when I tried to solve the simulation when it failed it said something along the lines of "body is too thin" or something like that I didn't take a ss of that. Mostly, I think it is due to meshing errors and I don't know how to fix this. The design is not mine, I simply need to complete some simulations using this design but I can't because every time the simulations fail. I'd like to know what is wrong with the design as well as how to fix it.


I have attached the .f3d as well as a screenshot about what is happening.

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Hi @aruiz40DNGK7,


The mesh fails due to the way the frame is modeled with the hollow pipe features.


There are two solutions described here:


Hope this helps!

Hugh Henderson
QA Engineer (Fusion Simulation)

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