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Masters Student in Product design

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Masters Student in Product design

Hi there,

I am doing a research project on the implementation of generative design in bicycle frames and was wondering what type of Algorithm is used by autodesk?

Kind regards, Jonah

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Hi Jonah,


Thanks for your question! We're not allowed to say much publicly about what goes on under the hood of generative design. You can find some information in this AU class from a few years back. Generative design also has some roots in technology developed by Autodesk Research almost 10 years ago, and some of that work was published (see here, for example). Note that you shouldn't cite that paper as being "generative design", since what you get in the product today is very different than the algorithms described in that paper, but it gives a few hints about how Autodesk thinks about topology optimization.


That's about all I can tell you officially...sorry it's not more satisfying! The question has been asked before on the forums too.



Ben Weiss
Senior Research Engineer

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