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Masso G3 DTHC issue

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Masso G3 DTHC issue

I'm running a Masso G3 plasma and the issue I'm having is the THC is being turned off in all curves or circles, the post processor is masso plasma G200 +legacy.cps 


All straight lines, the THC turns on and all curves turns off as you can see in the G-code below, any help would be greatly appreciated.


N20 M666 <----  THC OFF
N25 G200 F50. P0.1 D1000 C0.11 V103 A0 O0 S0
N30 T112 M6
N35 G28 G91 Z0.
N40 G90

N45 G53
N50 G0 X10.2039 Y40.9265
N55 M3
N60 M667 F30. <----  THC ON
N70 G1 X10.3958 Y40.9704 F35.<----  Straight cut
N80 X10.4426 Y41.1211 F50.
N90 X10.4899 Y41.2717
N100 X10.5379 Y41.422
N380 X12.1146 Y45.5481
N390 X12.1791 Y45.6921
N400 X12.2442 Y45.8359
N410 X12.3099 Y45.9794
N420 X12.3761 Y46.1227
N430 X12.4429 Y46.2657
N440 X12.5102 Y46.4084
N445 M666 <----  THC OFF
N450 G2 X26.6054 Y60.6941 I27.4999 J-13.0369<----  Curve cut
N460 X26.6165 Y60.6959 I0.0087 J-0.0177
N465 M667 F30.<----  THC ON
N470 G1 X26.8687 Y60.8193<----  Straight cut
N475 M666 <----  THC OFF
N480 G2 X26.897 Y60.8016 I0.0086 J-0.0177<----  Curve cut
N485 M667 F30.<----  THC ON
N490 G1 Y60.6769<----  Straight cut
N500 X26.9671 Y54.1152
N505 M666 <----  THC OFF
N510 G2 X26.958 Y54.0983 I-0.0197 J-0.0002<----  Curve cut
N520 G3 X15.5439 Y33.2154 I13.1826 J-20.7661<----  Curve cut
N530 X21.0853 Y18.6942 I23.3516 J0.5933
N535 M667 F30.<----  THC ON
N540 G1 X21.0854 Y18.6941<----  Straight cut
N545 M666




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