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MacOS open 2 instances of Fusion

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MacOS open 2 instances of Fusion

Is there a possibility to open 2 instances of Fusion simultaneously on a Mac? I like it to have one instance for the "old" model and another instance for the actual model where I can do editing. I don't mean different Tabs because there I can not see the 2 models side by side. In Windows it is possible without any problems.

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No, and on Windows that is not a recommended either.

Peter Doering
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Why is it not recommended on windows?

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It can lead to data corruption as the two instances to a degree can work on the same data sets.

If you only use the other instance or view a design for reference it might not be a problem, but editing documents concurrently in bot instances is not a good idea!

Peter Doering
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in reply to: f.gruenberg

Thanks for your reply. So it would be helpful to implement a split-screen in the future to view and edit two models in the same instance simultaneously 

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Yes, in the Electronics environment in Fusion 360 something similar can already be done.

You can open an electronics design and open the board layout and the schematic in different tabs.

You can then pull one tab to another monitor. The key here is that you are not working on different designs but on different aspects of the same shared data set.


Another aspect is that the electronics environment is much newer than the modeling/design environment in Fusion 360. It simply has received certain features first.


Peter Doering
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in reply to: f.gruenberg


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