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macOS Keychain Integration?

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macOS Keychain Integration?

I use Keychain to store my login credentials, and the macOS version of Fusion360 doesn't seem to integrate with the OS Keychain service. It would be great to have this feature as it's really frustrating to have to open Keychain, search for "autodesk", reveal password, copy+paste into Fusion 360 every time I get logged out.


Is there a way to enable keychain integration?

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in reply to: jmachacekCCAAD

Sorry to bring bad news, but no, Fusion does not work with Keychain.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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I second this request. I swap between a few different devices, and I think this is my single biggest complaint about Fusion.

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How often do you get logged out ?


Background for the question:

I work with Fusion 360 on 2 different computers. 

My work Computer is a Windows Machine and I logged in once. Since then Fusion 360 starts without me having to log in again.


My personal computer is a 2017 MacBook Pro. Until recently in macOS I never had to log into Fusion 360. But after one of the updates - this might also coincide with me updating to Big Sur - I now have to log in every single time. I also have to log into Screencast every single time after a restart.


I also run Win10 in Bootcamp on the same MAcBook. I never have to log into Fusion 360 there either. It just runs.


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Hi TrippyLightning,

I also get logged out every single time I open Fusion 360 and have to log again. Hence the lack of keychain integration being super annoying. I have some crazy long auto-generated password for Autodesk and I have to open keychain, search for Autodesk, copy the password, paste into Fusion 360, type my email etc.

It’s a very irritating experience—I have lots of free apps that do it better and I’m an iOS/Mac dev so I’m painfully aware that Keychain integration only takes a couple lines of code.
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in reply to: TrippyLighting

@TrippyLighting I've seen this only sporadically. For instance, right now on m1 macOS, Big Sur, I can repeatedly close and open Fusion with no login required. If you can think of any other factor that may contribute please let me know. It might help to gather logs after such an event if you have time. I'll log a new ticket with those logs.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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