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MacOS Applications Menu

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MacOS Applications Menu

Hi all,


As per my other post, I recently upgraded computers, so I now have a new M2 laptop, with updated MacOS and updated Fusion. I am not yet on the latest update though with Apple Silicon support.


When I installed, I believe I had to create a shortcut in my Applications menu for Fusion. It worked for a while...but now it doesn't. Trying to start Fusion from Launchpad fails as well. When I click on it, I see something pop up in the dock then disappear quickly. I have to use Launchpad to run the Fusion Service Utility, then click "Launch Fusion 360" and it works.


Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I am tempted to try the latest update, but wondering if it might be better to uninstall first and re-install from scratch rather than letting it update.



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@Josh__ Can you please do the following and that should work for you.

1. Delete the application menu shortcut
2. Finder - Go - Go to folder - ~/Applications
3. This should take you to the place where the actual launcher for Fusion 360 is
4. Copy from here to make your short cuts

Once this is done any updates should not impact your shortcuts or location. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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That did it, thank you!

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