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Macbook trackpad behaves unexpectedly every time I start Fusion

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Macbook trackpad behaves unexpectedly every time I start Fusion

Hi I have a problem with my trackpad. When I started using Fusion on Mac it was performing in a way that with two finger slide I could pan and while holding shift even rotate. Just like its described on the official site of how to use trackpad. 


However after some time I turned on fusion only to find out that previous gestures aren't working, instead I was left only with zoom (trackpad started behaving like a windows touchpad).


Is there any way I can change these settings? I was looking in preferences, even reinstalling fusion but had no luck so far. 

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I solved it after some research here on the forum. 


If someone other has the same problem simply navigate to Preferences > Preview Features > Native Trackpad

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Work for me, all good, thanks

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