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Mac Save Dialog Changes?

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Mac Save Dialog Changes?

Hi all,


I'm trying to figure out if this is a change in Fusion, a change in MacOS, or both.


I recently got a new computer, and as part of the migration ended up going up a few versions of MacOS as well as updating Fusion. I do a lot of work where I end up exporting mesh files for 3D printing. The dialog for that (at least from what I can remember) used to be just like almost every other MacOS app, it would let me browse around, even click on existing files to match their name. I loved this, as I could click on a previous file then alter the revision number, hit export and I'm done.


Now it seems that I have to specify the filename and folder in two separate steps, and I must type the filename without being able to see what's on the disk already.


Is anyone else seeing this? It's driving me nuts.



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in reply to: Josh__

They made this change a few months ago, under the premise that it allows people to save meshes to the cloud...where their printers aren't. 


Rather than add the save-to-cloud affordance to the native save dialog (which could be ignored 95% of the time), they added a button you've got to click ([...]) to their own panel. It's an extra step and it was much maligned at the time. 

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in reply to: bentwookie

Ok, good to know I'm not just out here on my own.


I find more annoying than just having to click the ... button. When I click that button I see this dialog:



This only lets me choose the folder, not specify the file name. As a result, I have to enter the file name from scratch, meaning I can't just click on the previous revision I saved, update the rev number, and click save. It's a huge step backwards in my opinion!


I agree with the previous maligning, this is bad.

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