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Lost the ability to select multiple faces at once to extrude

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Lost the ability to select multiple faces at once to extrude

With in the last day or two I've been having some issues with Fusion 360 version 2.0.5357. It seemed to coincide with an update that rolled in. I've been able to kind of track down a couple of the issues I had. One of which was the Depth/Parent box would pop up without a long press (After clearing the cache), another was not being able to select multiple faces to push/pull (Selecting New Offset in the Offset Type drop down) . Now so far it seems the only issue I'm having a hard time tracking down is the being able to select several faces to extrude at one time like I was able to do a few days ago. I never had to hit ctrl to select more than one face, which doesn't seem to work either for me.


Is there something that I can do to fix this without having to remove, and reinstall it?


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in reply to: robbiegorol

I'm not sure i'm seeing this. Extrude generally only allows you to pick a single planer face. Press pull allows you to pick multiple faces depending on what you've entered. If you've entered a distance, you'll need to hold CTRL to allow for additional faces to be selected. You can select multiple faces if no distance is entered.


But in any case this still works:



Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: robbiegorol

I think the replies miss the point, when needing to cut into a remote surface as in say 3 arrows and text for the recycling mark on products. I can now only select one face at a time. The emboss tool does not cut line of draw or with a draft angle, I can do it with a drawing, but for repeated use copy new components of the arrows and our trade mark in from a master and manipulate that before cutting to another surface. Why has the multiple selection been removed?
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multiple selection has not been removed from any command.  You can select multiple profiles for Extrude and Emboss, as shown in the video below.  If you have already set a distance in Extrude, you will have to hold down CTRL (CMD on Mac) to select more.  Nothing has changed here.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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