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Local render does not work

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Local render does not work

Hello, I have problem with local render in Fusion 360. If I press render it says the render satred and that it will show in rendering gallery. Unfortunately it will never appeare in rendering gallery. I saw many others have this issue and i tried their advices but it doesnt help. I tried reinstall Fusion, clear all cache data, install new graphic drivers, tryed it with other projects, rename windows account and others. This happens after I used all my tokens for cloud render. In Canvas render works but it has locked resolution settings so i can save it in low resolution only and its not possible to download render with transparent backround.

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Has anyone come up with a solution yet? This seemingly happened out of nowhere as local rendering has been working fine until yesterday (5/30/23 ) and now it just does not work. I too have cleared the cache, ran the service utility and even a full reinstall and still nothing...

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in reply to: Seven-One

This one has hit me too.

For me, the renderer started, the rendering preview appears but when "finished" the image can not be found.

This is very annoying and came out of the blue.



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in reply to: matejB33E8

Hi, no I wasn't trying to model that particular file. What I meant was all of my other files ( which I can't share ) had been local rendering with no issues for weeks. When I added in this file ( related or not ) that is when this started which may have coincided with F360 updates. Either way, it's still not working...

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in reply to: matejB33E8

Update from the other post: AD had identified the issue and they hope to have a update / fix on 6/12/23.

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