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Local Render crashes - AMD PC

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Local Render crashes - AMD PC

Good evening, folks.

I made a simple Lamp Cube in size of 20inches tall, ten by ten inches square. It has a emissive cylinder acting as a light bulb inside. On each panels has a pattern cutout to allow lights to shine through.

Design, model and etc. went through just fine but on a rendering process... it wasn't. While it was rendering it crashes. It does left me wonder what's going on. The model is not that big nor is it complicated. I did figured emissive/shadow could causes issues but my PC should fairly be able to handle it. This also brought up one more question: Is fusion 360 even AMD friendly? Or did I missed some details from AMD? 


My PC specs is posted below and CPU is AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 core processor and it all ties together with Window 10 pro 64bit and 64gigabytes of RAM

Screenshot 2023-11-11 181411.png


Curious on replies. I do have history with rendering and at one time I had a AMD CPU and 1070 black edition and it renders just fine, infact it almost renders everything within reasonable time limit (doesnt take long to render, is what I meant). 


Thanks again, folks, 
From Oregon, Lumberbear Studio Al. 

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@aej1022joyce wrote:

Window 10 pro 

Update to Win 11 and see if the problem goes away.


Peter Doering
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Updated to Windows 11 doesnt make any difference beside the obvious OS changes.

Goin from OpenGL core to Direct 9 and back makes no differences. Although in this part, I have a sneaky suspicion that it is not my video card since Ive been tracking the performance of my card during the rendering... I noticed my CPU spiked. 

Will dig into why CPU is having a spike. 

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in reply to: aej1022joyce

Actually, turns out emissive setting is way too high (over 190000 lumen, or so). It did push the performance of my PC to the max but ironically at the same time, I did found out my cpu is slightly hold back (personal preferences are adjusted, no need for overclocked for those of you who are concerned). I tested overclocked and not with emissive setting fixed and both works fine now. Check your object emissive setting, as 190000 lumen is too much. 

Thank you folks. I guess I cant get that windows 10 back. 😉

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